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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, March 25, 2012 @ 6:01 PM
Living in the moment.

...Yesterday I volunteered for CHIP's health fair, and surprisingly, it was fun! It felt really refreshing to connect with people who share similar aspirations and values as me.
I was posted at the kids activities tent because I didn't attend the glucose/blood pressure training, but that's perfectly fine because that's what I wanted to do anyways. I met some really cute children and painted their faces majority of the time. I swear, when the original painter left and I was switched in, more and more kids started showing up and there was a long line, bahhh. I was so tired -__-; But I also painted on other USC students' faces haha, so cute! I met a student who seriously looks like Kenny from Cal--minus the glasses. And I met another student who was in dental school who's living in his fraternity house, and he said he lived on Severance and I was like NOWAIMETOO! In my head I was like 'ohhh you friggen mothereffer you must be the one frat that blasts music constantly when I'm trying to sleep/study' and he instantly apologized for all the frequent loud music HAHAHAh, he read my mind. For that I drew him a cute kawaii tooth on his cheek; I love demasculizing (look ma I made a new word!) bros hehe.
Oh yeah, apparently I attracted several creepers guys, UGHhhh. Goddamnit I'm too nice sometimes ): Now I have to deal with all these texts and phone calls asflkdjg I should just say I have a girlfriend next time -___- Seriously, I have the hardest time when someone confronts me like that. I just can't reject them on the spot; I'd feel bad (unfortunately)!

Yesterday night on the other hand... oh boyyy. Heheh. So many things happened in one night in my household. Toooo many things...

FYI I didn't drink! Although, my usual mug and hands were tainted with the alcohol T_____T I felt so unclean. Soiled. DIRTY.

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