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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, March 4, 2012 @ 11:04 AM
And I would call it, fair play.

Steven is half heartedly (or so it seems through his failed attempts at memorization) attempting to impress me by languidly expanding his "tyro" level vernacular. HAHA.
His mere action amuses me highly.
Pleasant 4 hour talk last night :) Although now in the morning I totally regret saying some stuff (read: a lot of stuff); how embarrassing. -w-; I think I talk too much about my personal life when I begin to "phase out." Aughh I hate talking late at night because of this haha.

Sooo last night: Mexicali with SCAPE! DUDE THEIR CARNE ASADA IS THE BEST I'VE EVER TRIED--thanks PapaAlbert and Michelle for taking us!
I also bonded closely with Jennifer and Anh; big sis and lil sis, D'AWWW. They said they'd totally take me in as Anh's lil and Jennifer as the granbig if I ever decide to rush and pledge lolol; these terms are highly ridiculous in my opinion but it seems to matter a lot. But anyways, I really really really look up to Jennifer since day one. Sometimes I forget she's even in a sorority at all, and it's stunning to see her VP of SCAPE and doing other API work at the same time. Not only that, she has the gentlest yet most genuine soul I've met at USC thus far. She's really amazing; sometimes I wish I was her little haha, or at least be taken under her wing. I'm really jealous of Anh haha x) On another note, I finally had an dinner (albeit unofficial) with her yesterday after the failed attempts of planning lulz ♥

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