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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 @ 1:04 PM
To be or not to be

can i just die right now kthx

after a night of no sleep and an intense drawing session today, I can safely say that my brain has degraded to mush.

My two hour breaks become thirty minute breaks because of how far I live and the time spent preparing food. BLARGHHhhh must retain myself...!

I took a nap at two and woke up at 10pm. WHYYYY LENNA WHY. It's official, I've become nocturnal. -______-

Oh oh oh! I forgot to mention. Remember that one five page essay that I did in like 3 hours the night before and then an additional 2 hours before class? I got a B+ baby. I rarely see anyone with A's and them more so with B's/C's so I'm really, really proud of myself, yet guilty, haha. I'm glad my BS writing haven't failed me yet. I'm gonna strive for an A next time! It's going to be tough... but very possible! I just have to not procrastinate the night before lulzzzz.

I'm pretty glad I'm taking this Vietnamese culture&diaspora class before I take WRIT140, ughhhh, that class is going to be absolutely horrible. Last semester I have written only one (english) essay and that was my research paper for Buddhism, heh. Critical analysis is slowly coming back to me :D

...Dude, I just realized. Most of my posts consist of me not sleeping and me complaining about it. Oh my lordy. That's annoyingly redundant, and I apologize for bringing up the same constant vent. Oops. Okay, I'll write less about it, but it's nice to finally know where my problems arise from, heh.

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