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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, February 26, 2012 @ 10:55 PM
Thereby hangs a tale.

1. It always takes me by surprise whenever your name is mentioned to me here; out of all places, this is least to be expected, heh.

2. Note to self: never go home on a midterm weekend; drastically unproductive in an unproductive setting. Procrastination lingers in the household and it's difficult to escape its tight hold. Simply working in my room reminds me of break/high school days, which are full of relaxation and most definitely procrastination... Never again!

3. Went to Little Tokyo for the first time with my father today! Piotr and I exchanged lunch pictures too. :) House of Chicken and Waffles and House of Curry?! I thought it was really cute! Haha.

4. Went to VCN rehearsal today and I bonded with Ethelind, my graphic designer co :) She's so down to earth, and she's from San Jose. She's also a transfer student, so she kinda knows what I'm going through. She recommended to me right away to transfer back to Berkeley and I was really thrown off by what she said. And she meant it. Really? Really... Really. Huh. I really did leave my heart up in NorCal. Haha, she offered to take me to and fro norcal whenever's most convenient for her; I'm so excited! :D

5. Now I'm studying with her friend (who's totally into kpop--a rarity at USC! Haha). They're so chill to be with :) We're all studying for last minute midterms pahaha.

6. Mary cooked me one of her parents dishes for me, AWWWW ♥

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