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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 10:02 PM
Spontaneous Combustion

Science is so much easier with friends. That's fosho.

I mainly spent the entire day with Devika! :) We went to Ground Zero for their famous milkshakes (their Chai&Cinnamon blend was SO good) and then we went to a SI session together, and afterwards studied bio haha. There was this one question that picked at our brains however; if there are 20 chromatids undergoing mitosis, how many chromosomes will there be?
I mean one could look at it two ways... If it's undergoing metaphase, then there will result 20 chromosomes. But if it's at a later stage, say anaphase, then there would be 10. We need a more specific question plz.

And then I fell into peer pressure to do something with her I'd never imagine myself doing: a hip hop dance workshop... oh my gosh they were practicing to one of Drake's songs and IT WAS SO FAST PACED I could not keep up luls. It was pretty fun and funny though x)

On another note, I had a midterm and lab exam today; midterm went good! Lab exam went BLEGH.

Annddd to end the night...

Scholarship money is the best :) Refunds from a 54k institution?! That's nearly impossible. Well... life is good.

I realized I earned a lot of scholarships totaling up around $8k last year; the most depressing thing is that I haven't been doing them again recently. I'm so sad. Where is my motivation ): Next year's going to suck; LOANSLOANSLOANS. FOREVER A LOAN.

Well off to study for my chem midterm in a week! Haha now I have a legit excuse not to go frat partying. Teehee. They better not force me on Friday -__-;