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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, February 23, 2012 @ 9:26 PM
A fool's paradise.

Ohmygod what did I just agree to. The entire apartment is gonna get dowwwnnnn! Next week. Haha.
If it wasn't for you Shannon, I'd never decide to go out to a frat party, lulzzz. Thank gosh for our likemindedness HAHA. She's just like me in terms of... social awkwardness: we're both very conservative clothing wise (not so revealing tops/no shorts w/o leggings, no bikinis, etc), reluctant to party, don't drink/smoke, basically, a "goody two shoes" haha. On top of that we're, again, the same pre-med path with an arts minor (her's performing, mine's fine). She promised she got my back, hehe. Yay! :)

Well... I DO have to go to a USC frat party at least once in my college life since the frats here are so well developed. WHY NOT.
I just wish Vinson&co could visit me that night so I won't have to go out partying again (read: sitting and people watching) if he ever decides to visit for our "hardxcore parties" lololol.