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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ 1:10 PM
Come what come may.

This morning wasn't the greatest; it was probably the worst so far, but of course, I'm only exagerrating. It was my first time late to my (favorite) class, and attendance is counted. FADW-101, yay. Fine Arts Drawing 101. The course number always amused me. Anyways, I was really stressed out, and I still am, but this morning = 1 hour of sleep + waking up late + trying to look nice because it's freaking beautiful and sunny today + feeling shoddy due to lack of sleep + sleepy as hell = I felt like crap. on a stick.
Drawing in my class made me feel even worse; I noticed when I feel stressed and forced to draw, my drawings come out a lot messier and less refined with mistakes all over the place and all I can think about is when will I finish the goddamn drawing, not taking my time to include detail. And seeing I despise using conte crayon because I have yet to learn how to tame that little punk, I felt like breaking down and tearing it up because I was so frustrated how I couldn't get it to look decent. I couldn't get the shading right, I couldn't blend for beans, the tones were indistinguishable, and there were smears all over the place, and worst of all, I only had one hour to finish it; I really wanted to cry. I felt like shieeez, it looked like shizzz, effmahlahfe.
And 10 minutes before time was up, my art professor informed us to put the drawing in the glass art case in the hallway once we're done. For everyone to see. OH MY EFFING GOD WHY WHY WHY OUT OF ALL ASSIGNMENTS WAS IT THIS ONE OMFG how embarrassing ASlfkLDKFMsdfkmSDLGKm

so we went out to the hallway and we all stood in front of it and she was giving comments and critiques to us. She at first gave us critiques, and luckily she didn't critique mine (only god knows why), but instead she pointed mine out and commented how developed and skilled it was, and it was a really nice representation of the still life with decent tones. At that moment, I couldn't believe what I was hearing and after that I was just SO happy I started to add a light skip to my walk (as some of you have seen me do once in awhile haha) while we were cleaning up. I was really, really, gleeful. I was just so surprised; everyone else's was just so impressive and their blending skills were obvious and mine was so amateur; I wanted to believe she was merely giving me pity. But nonetheless I was SO happy to hear that from her, coming from an art teacher who I highly respect, and that just turned my day a complete 180 degrees.
Now I'm chilling at home, ready to open up my bio textbook, listening to a really talented clarinet (or some other wind instrument; not too sure) player playing outside, and ready to get some taro boba and banh mi cha from VSA in an hour, and then later I'm going to study with Helen, a very close elementary school friend of mine that have always had a place in my heart. :) Good day so far. Thank you Professor Page for the unexpected encouragement; I guess you saw something I didn't see, but know that that piece definitely wasn't my best since there was no control in it whatsoever, but I will do 10x better on my next assignment (midterms will be over by then, YEEAH!).


Mary is going to a highlighter party and she wore red lipstick and it was from mac so I wanted to try and viola! The shade is so pretty! It's called 'Ladybug'; usually red lipstick looks too "strong" for me but this time it looks a little more suiting. I will consider this shade in the future :)

It would look 10x better if my top was a little more classy but whatevers, lol.