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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 12:19 AM
Student of the Year Banquet.

I slept, I dreamt, I conquered.

Never to this day would I imagine getting student of the year. Honest. Sophomore year I accepted my fate of not getting the award because of who my competitions were. I remember when Christina Harb (2009's Valedictorian) first got it; she was my absolute idol, and she still is today. I remembered as a freshman that I was thinking that I would never be a great as a leader as she was, but she was my very inspiration to lead and take action for what I believe in.
I'm still not as great as her (and will probably never be) nor nearly as charismatic and outgoing as Nick (2008's Valedictorian), but they're wonderful role models to base my goals on. I'm so glad I had such great (understatement!) role models when I was a freshman.
Yeah okay let's cut the sappy stuff and move onto the pictures.

*Btw my brother took all these pictures and he really sucks at using the camera lulz
Notice how there is SO MUCH NEGATIVE SPACE AFSJKLmkdflskfm most annoying photographic pet peeve evaaaar

Val Verde High, home of the Knights. They served us outback steakhouse and jason's deli's desserts. Mmm.

Me accepting the student of the year yeeey.

This year's district students of the year ranging from various high schools.

Of course I would be the only one with her plaque upside-down LOL FAIL. OMGggg this picture is going to be published and errthang. HOW EMBARRASSING. Someone shoulda told me! I def don't deserve this award pahhaa.

Christian! :D He gave me a nice congratulatory hug. D'aww, thanks! ♥
I also met his brother and our brothers were both noobs at cameras LOL

So congratulations all students of the year (and month!). We got a buttload of candy/sweets and giftcards to food places (but I got a $15 giftcard to bestbuy FTW) and a lot of awards. They're basically the same ones you get for being student of the month. -_-; But I got a $1k scholarship so it's alllll good. Going to USC's tuition, yo!

So my brother ordered Valkyrie Chronicles and Resonance of Fate (reminds me of FF9&13 mixed together). I'm going to be hella (oh nooo norcal slang is rubbing off on me!) busy this summer!

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