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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, May 5, 2011 @ 11:12 PM
APIASF Award Reception

"Kill the beast! Slit his throat! Spill his blood!"

- Lord of the Flies

Mah favorite book in the whole wide world! ♥ I used it today for my AP Lit exam (: Too bad I only had 20 minutes to write this essay... My passion for it was not evident enough!
So after AP testing, I did nothing productive in physics, and then went home to get ready for my scholarship dinner thingy, and went to Rosemead! Too bad my pops and I forgot to bring the camera. It was a really nice, formal event they threw for us.
Anyways here's the display poster I got to keep! :)

Yeaah excuse my beat up look; the hot weather previous in the day did not treat me rather well...
And ewww my photo on the poster looks so bad in this picture! You guys gotta see it for yourself in real life! High quality picture yo.

So I met a lot of CEO's and presidents of several companies (walmart, edison, macy's, etc) and networked pretty much. 11 chosen students were there (or supposed to be...) and I found another future trojan! As well as two other bruins. 2 trojans vs two bruins. It was kinda funny because as we went up on stage, there would be bruin/trojan chants haha. The CEO of Edison and this other company are alumni from USC so you can imagine what happened haha. I love this rivalry ;)

So I went home and found out I won another scholarship (meaning I have to attend another reception lols) and was invited to a senior top scholar event at my school. Yaay, good day today!

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