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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 1:43 AM
Happy birthday~

to me! :)

Kinda late I KNOW but I just wanted to give some luuuurve to everyone. ♥

Thank you Erick, Gerard, Joseph, Jackie, and Elsie for the gifts. ♥ Some of them were completely unexpected and made my day a whole lot brighter :') I have so many plushies to sleep with now! :b
And then thank you all who wished me a happy birthday! Camille was the first one who said it to me today (along with Brian) when I went to volunteer at the blood drive haha.

A big thank you to Christian for getting me a moogle that I've always wanted to own :') ♥ Essocute!
Next up is a chocobo! Hehehe.

A warm thank you to Robert for taking me out to KBBQ and forcing me to have dinner instead of lunch x) It was really really delicious! I can't wait for the KMF to try it again hahaha.
And then a NO thank you to Christina for her "gift" ASflkjfdslkmffff so many people saw including Mr. Susuras! Oh gawwwdddd. I still love her though for her "attempt" haha. ♥
And then special thanks to Mr. Estrella~ ♥ Even after all the embarrassment! Ohhh boy. x)