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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 5:50 PM
Sunshine and rainbows.

tl;dr - un buen dia :)

I must remember this day! Miraculous, miraculous day. I thought things were going all downhill, but today mended the frayed, damaged ends.

1. I made semifinals last month for the Walmart Scholarship and yesterday night I read that the extra docs has to be AT the HQ in Iowa by March 8th. Today. Shootshootshoot. Me, a semifinalist, didn't even compete because of a stupid reason?! Not going to happen. I was about to mail my documents using Same Day service but I found out it cost $317 from here to Iowa. Sheeeeeet. Then I called them at 6am today to rant to them and they reasoned with me that I can fax it to them. THANK GOSH FOR TECHNOLOGY ♥ ♥

2. I forgot to do my Cal-HOSA Honor Roll application, due yesterday at midnight at their HQ. Then I found out that I can email my essays/resume/stuff to them before the deadline and then mail a hard copy later. THANK GOSH FOR TECHNOLOGY (again)!

3. Finished my research paper having an extra day to do it because I was helping with the 8th grade visitation (; I hope I get at least a 7 or even an 8, PLEASE GALACE PLEASEpleaseplease! ;m;

4. I found out from my lovely counselor that I won $1000 for the State Elks Foundation when I'm supposed to find out at the awards dinner this Saturday. Way to ruin the surprise, but I'm ecstatic. :D

5. I hung out with Jackie again ♥ I can't wait until we eat kbbq at HOSA SLC together again! I'm HYPED for this year's competition! Go Ravens!

6. After a phone call and 3 nagging emails, the Bliink Contest lady told me our website is officially submitted. For those who didn't know, I failed to submit it by the deadline because of technical reasons. BUT YESssss that was bothering me every single friggen day. Now I'm so excited for March 17th! That's when they announce the weeeeiners :D If we win, haaaill yeaaah we did GUD for doing the website in 4 days haha. If we lose, we still did pretty good anyways for doing it in 4 days. :b



9. Gonna get Pokemon White soon! I can't wait to wifi with people~ :DD

10. There's nothing I can think of for this one haha. I went to sleep at 12 after I submitted by HOSA Honor Roll app and then woke up at 3am finishing Galace's research paper. So I was pretty brain dead today. Eughhh.

Okay, gotta go draw the yearbook and STAR testing poster, BOTH due THURSDAY. Darn CAHSEE kids had to get in the way of the scheduled Flex Wednesday!!!

P.S. Senior service project is sucking atm.
WHAR R MAH PEEKCHARSSsss I had a WHOLE bunch of our project meetings!! I think I lost the SD card OH NOEZ