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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, March 17, 2011 @ 6:10 PM

"Hot and dangerous/if you’re one of us, then roll with us"

I've been through a rush of emotions throughout this week. And maybe last week too, but let's focus more on this week, because... it's the present. Present focused asian! yus. haha therapeutic communications insider d:

The happy: Many things! BUT let's be real, no one cares about someone's happy stories. Everyone's into gossip and trashtalking and emo depressing stories.

The annoyance: Throughout this week, I've gotten more "OMGWTF's" than "congrats!" on my poster.
Mr. Villa: "So you got 2nd. You happy for Phuong?"
"Yeah! She did a great job."
"Really now?"
"Yup! I'm really happy for her ^ ^"
"WHAT! YOU'RE WEAK! You're supposed to be angry at her for taking your spot! A real competitor doesn't feel happy for those who beat them. Blahblahlblah"
The principal: "You're not used to getting 2nd, huh? Better luck next time!"
Some of my classes: "-gasp- OOOooooooohhhh" -_____-;
A friend: "Whoa Lenna! You got 2nd!! Aren't you pissed at Phuong?"
"...most definitely not! Why would I be?"
"Seriously? You're not mad at her all?"


The bittersweet: Today was my last tutoring day with my Landmark Knights ♥ We've been through so many funny conversations! I love them. Love love love. For the last two weeks those little kids have been asking me about "what is love?" and of course I couldn't give them a straight answer, but one of them said, "I love this boy in my class..." and then I asked, "how often do you talk to him?" and she replied, "oh,I just only stare at him during math class. Is that love?" LOL and I told her that definitely isn't love hahahha. So innocent~ :')
One of them isn't though... One of my students was bragging how she made out with a boy (with TONGUE!!! TMI, isn't it!) and it was "hot and sexy and fun." And she caught mono. Ohmyjeebus she's grown to be a well spoken child from all my tutoring but she's so... frenetic! Eughh. I'll miss her spunkiness though, low key.
And there's these two other lovely girls who are totally dedicated to their job and never fails to amaze me every week. They're phenomenal and I can see a bright future for them.
And the last two sets of girls are so cute. ♥ They're like, close enough with me to pull me around when they want my attention ahaha. Although they're a bit slacking, they tell me the neatest stories.

The gloominess: My friends from my intern invited me to go a trip to UCLA with them on April 9th, Bruins Day where they have a whole bunch of fun activities, BUT I CAN'T GOOOo T^T I'm gonna be at the HOSA SLC and it sucks because I really do want to get reunited with them. ;^;

The infatuation: Ha!

The disappointment: Team Ravens (my MESA web team wootwoot) didn't win the contest bawww. They said they'll notify the winners today but I didn't receive an email from them so we prolly lost. ): It's okay though! I wonder if we got disqualified for using so many images incorrectly, 'cause I didn't bother to go through copyright rules and regulations, and I'm sure they're quite picky about that... Whatever; GG. :)

The amusement: pokemonpokemonpokemon

The stress: The HOSA JUMP competition this Saturday! HOMG I had some issues with Mrs. Dolan regarding the volunteers but it's straightened out now. It's just the organization I'm stressed about. I'm praying this will be a success! Let's hope Landmark will beat Badgers >:)

The perezosa: I'm SO LAZY to upload all the pictures from the photoshoot to my blog ughhh

The general good of all mankind: School has been going easier. A little more busy for me, but easier.

The appalling: So. I see that you do drugs now. I used to respect you fully, but you totally lost it (and the game now! HAHA). Kudos!

The temperament: YOUuuuu friggennnn--you are SO SOMETHING and SUPERFICIAL asfkmefkaskld I can't believe you play with people like that!

Whatelse... Nothing! Phew that was a lot of negative stuff haha. Well! On the brighter side, tomorrow is a minimum day and then da gurlzzz are coming over to my house and then I'm going to the play with Mr. Estrella! (:
Should be a chill, fun day tomorrow, yes yes.