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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, March 4, 2011 @ 7:51 PM

You are the sprinkles to my plain vanilla ice cream. (;

I miss Jackie Tran. I barely saw her for a few minutes out of this entire week. ;/
I wish my mind wasn't so set on academics so I can pay more attention to her.
So I shall dedicate this post to us!

She sent me a spontaneous invite to go to Diamond Bar; I was reluctant to go at a 2 hour notice, but I'm glad I went. ♥

We went to Cue! Tis my favorite shot out of the shoot. :) We cute!
( of course Jackster's cuter (; )

Lynn, Michael, Jackie, and I went to Diamond Bar and we ate gluttonous desserts ☻
Korean shaved ice! Michael had this bigarse banana split crepe and it was bigger than your head, no lie.

Ugly turtle is ugly, gosh.

Ohhh yeah, we be like them Asian stars who wear the craziest things. Bling bling!

There's this one Japanese cosmetic store that has the coolest things! And BB Cream.
I squeezed some BB Cream on Jackie and I accidentally squeezed too much and had to spread it all. It was whiter than we thought, LOL.
We wrecked the store, muahaha. Good times, good times.

Time to leave Cue, go to Jackie's house, and have our "BBQ". (which never happened; liar!)

I finally got to spend time with her, just me and her. It was such a fun day! I love her to reese's pieces. :)

I seriously can't wait until spring break. I'm really really looking forward to her birthday trip to Garden Grove! Mah hometown away from hometown. Hahah.