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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, February 19, 2011 @ 3:20 AM

"Careful, I'm no rookie!"

It feels so good to draw again for myself. My natural high. I'm not near finished with this, btw.

Forget Akiba/Johnny/lame-o! Snake and Meryl were destined to be, yo. ♥

You know, I'm trying really hard to lose my typical anime/cutesy style. Really, really hard. I'm not trying to imply that it is a sin if you draw anime/kawaii stuff, but I figured it's time for me to grow out of this style and move onto a different one...which I should have done several years ago.
Let's face it, if an anime piece was to be entered to a renowned contest/prestigious art school (other than schools focusing on manga/anime), it will be most likely be rejected, straight off the bat. Only unique, extremely well developed, and non-cliche anime styles will be respected and taken into consideration.
Remember my HOSA poster, the first one I ever drew? The one about nutrition stuff? I purposely left the eyes out because I wasn't comfortable drawing out of my anime-comfort zone. I was honestly worried that if the judges saw "anime" eyes, they'll look down upon it--which is pretty much true.
I've known this for years, but now is the time to get serious. I felt ashamed of my portfolio when I sent it to Stanford, since it contained two anime pieces, but whatever, I don't plan on being accepted there anyways, heh.
But don't get me wrong; I will always have a heart for anime art (ohhh, how I really despise using the word 'anime' to describe something!) and the like. It's just my style that has to change.

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