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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ 5:12 PM
MESA & Engineering Day 2011

"Chase the tender light, borders let's cross over"

Too much MESA in one week! I have to admit, MESA Day 2011 wasn't as fun overall as other years. This year was totally gloomy (can I say rain and hail?), therefore less pictures. Sorry. Even Mr. Susuras was pretty disappointed albeit we had a lot of winners. He just expected more out of his students. Ehh.
There's a problem though; MESA Regionals is going to be held April 9th, and that's during my HOSA State Leadership Conference. Because he was pretty annoyed, he told me to quit HOSA and go to MESA Regionals at UCI. He said MESA is more "worth it and it's better" than HOSA. WTH. 4 days in Sacramento, competition, leadership training, group activities, networking, numerous workshops, medical presentations, freedom, well done ceremonies, and best of all, scholarships and humongous recognition. MESA only has competition and a simple award ceremony, that's it. And it only goes up to regional level for the majority of its competition. COME ON SUSURAS. I know you're pretty upset, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get the promised extra credit (he really said that) because I chose HOSA SLC over MESA Regionals, and that definitely doesn't mean you can belittle HOSA without knowing diddly squat about it. I love MESA, I really do, but HOSA has much more to offer.

end rant! gomen.

3rd place Solo Math - Calculus, 3rd place EggXpress. :)
I got beaten by Steven (which I hi-five'd his face on accident LOL xin loi) in Calculus and by Alex&Derek in EggXpress, geesh. Congrats to them, and the rest of the others who placed today. :)

Thomas' mousetrap did a wheelie; friggen tight! :D (Congrats for placing too!)

Eggdrop. I couldn't even see them hit the floor. -_-'

Mousetrap Car accuracy task. Pretty far from the target, but it's better than missing the entire lane.


They won 2nd place (: Congrats, congrats!

Poor Stephanie&Patrick; their names were accidentally called up during the award ceremony, but the announcer made a mistake and they had to give up their medals to Steven, baww.

Mr. Susuras and that one MESA advisor from Valleyview. Bridgecrusher, grawwr!

Ma cherie's and Collin's brain model. They won 1st, wootwoot! I'm happy for them~

A prosthetic arm. It had to carry a cup of sand or something and pour it somewhere else. This kid used water pressure as a way to maneuver things; that's really clever.

So that's it for MESA Day. It was pretty bland compared to last year's I suppose. But '08 and '09 were the best of times. ♥ Anika&Christina. :)


Our challenge: Build a sail that'll be placed on a piece of cardboard.

The sailboat was powered by wind (fans).

Our gang (:



Waiting for our bus to come back.

Stupid hand. On the left. Way to ruin the picture man. -_-;

I noticed you're everywhere in my engineering day pictures. Attention seeker? Yes!

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