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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, February 7, 2011 @ 7:17 PM

"We live to make the impossible possible. That is our focus."

- Lightning

Completely unedited. So don't trip.

"WHY THE BLUE CONTACTS????" (...or grey, however you want to look at it.)
I'm planning on cosplaying as Lightning (from FFXIII) for Anime-Expo (YES I'm a geek, DEAL; I might even win dinero for my costume! hah) and I originally had these contacts for Yuna (FFX-2; another costume). But several weeks ago my heart told me to be Lightning because I can act like her character pretty well.
I wanna do a double whammy and use these for Lightning's character but I don't think my eyes are bright enough. :|

You see, they're almost the same color in game.

But in CGI, they're a lot brighter. HMPH.

So I guess that leaves me to buy brighter lenses.
I'll gradually update on my costume; I ordered her wig already. It should be coming in within a month and a half. To be honest, I can't imagine myself with pink hair. But we shall see!

But mainly, do you think Lightning is a nice match? y/y?

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