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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 8:37 PM

Hakuna matataaah

I'm so tired. Tired tired tired. Today has been the first day that I didn't sleep the previous night since... Oh, Galace's essay. Stupiiid, I did muy horrible on that essay. I got a 7, but I personally think it's pretty good for not reading the book... Tale of Two Cities is a friggen JOKE.

I'm tired. Been up doing the webpage for Team Ravens! Haha, what a name. This stuff really fries your brain, but it's for a good cause. My first Xbox--I hope my Playstations will still love me ):
Goshh I'm so brain dead that I'm lazy to screencap my current progress or to reblog a picture to showwww. Or to even comment on my bff's blog, gahh.
My mind keeps on wandering off today...

Oh hey, where's that game collection I ordered?! USPS said it'll be here today, but it's still somewhere between here and Iowa. -_-; Doesn't matter anyways, I'm too lazy to take a picture of its sheer awesomeness hurrhur.

Sorry if I wasn't paying much attention to you today like a mindless zombie this is so terrible I want to go sleep but I caaaan't! ;^;

And the girls and I were talking about prom today. Should I go, assuming I can't get ahold of good seats for the concert? Idk; several things would have to persuade me to go. I'd expect my date to pay for my ticket hehe. And he'd (or she'd... hehe) have to be someone I'm comfortable being around with. And there's not many guys that fit that criteria; I can only think of like... Three. Maybe four. Idk. Peer pressure is taking over!
Anika asked me out for prom but she won't pay for my prom ticket pshhh! x)
Ohhh what am I talking about; I wouldn't be able to go anyways-- it's not worth the wrath my father will entail.

See my mind jumps from one thing to another; I have a short attention span today goshhh.
I think I should take a nap -_-; My naps turn out to be sleeps though haha.

I didn't get my mole sauce&tortilla today shoooot