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Promenading on the Fine Line

Monday, January 10, 2011 @ 3:51 AM
Ze sextuplets.

Cajun grilled chicken.

What goes in...

Must come out.

We were playing chubby bunny, rofl.
Except for Helen and Anika. Hmph! Helen was the photographer and Anika was passing out the marshmallows. What kind of excuse is that!

I only got to fit 5 in my mouth, ughh. I felt like I was choking!

I forgot how many she stuffed. 6? But Jackie claimed she can fit 12 but only managed to fit 9. Liar! x)

It's been such a long time since we all hung out :'D

Anika's so nerdy.
Everyone was laughing at my camera's deep clicky sound that wouldn't stop ):

Nice, sweet day. Really sweet.

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