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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 11:59 PM
Dickens Festival 2011.

Happy birthday, Mr. Charles Dickens.

I saw Ms. Galace todaaay! Yusss, extra extra credit.

Read more to find more about this Victorian Charles Dickens fest!

I first started my day with waltzing lessons! Or rather, my friends did.
I'm too timid hehee.

Aww! Older bro and little sis (:

Tito likes to court older ladies.

Tito is a playaaaa!

Victorian fishing game!

I was pretty good at it from the start, not to toot my own horn or anything.

A game consisting of giant chopsticks and hoops.

Papa, papa, paparazzi~

The point of the game is to teach ladies how to be graceful.

I'm obviously not graceful.

Suhbrinaa and Cuhrystal!

There is this annoying SUN GLARE in my picture.
I forgot to attach my hood -___-;

Awwwe. How adorable ♥

He bahumbug'd me. ):

We watched a magician playing tricks. Crystal tried linking rings.

Diana tried doing rope-y stuff.

Alex bent a wineglass with the magician, ooo~

It looks like the glass is affectionately leaning over to the other glass haha.

"Give me a mysterious face."

Coincidentally so, there were steps for the king.

A knight in shining armor :D

Free fortune telling--awesome!

Christina's cards.

The lonely, sad Tito.

If we used physics, we could calculate that he couldn't make it to the other side without falling in the water.


Gandhi watches over Tito.

Gandhi is watching over YOU.

Sabrina and her homie!

Alex and his homie!

We found a big empty space we did stuff on :D

A hop, a skip, and a jump... I caught it one millisecond too early!

Near perfect symmetry, baby.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


March, march.


I nearly died watching the Gatling gun. My ears almost exploded and bled and my lungs couldn't handle the gunpowder.
It was funny seeing everyone backing away because they couldn't handle it either, haha.

Looks like an alley.

It's harder than it looks, kind of. The squares were so small :|

He be trippin'.

Skittles. He's a born hopscotcher!

Juggling sacks.
We took over the little children's playground. >:)

Victorian gear, chyeaah.
On Christina, that is. I tried to dress like a peasant, I swear.

Derek likes to juggle in his spare time, 'cos he's all pro and stuff.

They produced a hilarious skit, hahah.

Joseph is awesome :)

Outside the Italian Bistro, waiting for something.


My future doggie :D

Hahaha, dog doesn't like Tito taking its spotlight!

I'll also show you some of Derek's shots from the photoshoot because he takes delicious photos. ♥
Consider it a shout out!

And my favorite of his from this shoot; friggen awesome, yo.

Credits toooo :)

At the end of the day, I was POOPED. But I stayed up editing photos anyways.