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Promenading on the Fine Line

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 10:57 PM
Successes and failures.


Haaail yes I got an A- WITH the (now passing) final in AP Lit!!!!
Now officially one of the five or so A's in the class. /proud

Now I usually get peeved at people posting A's for "easy" classes in VISTA, but if you ever had AP Lit/AP Lang/know Ms. Galace, you know how hard it is to maintain an A in her class. You think her honors classes are hard? Think again!
This is honestly the ONLY grade I EVER felt legitimately delighted with. I remember it was last year when I would usually join her 6th period class for fun (I had short schedule) and saying numerous times to my classmates, "wow that looks really, really difficult," "DENG she grades so HARSHLY!" and the most frequent, "OMG I am SO lucky I don't have her!"
Of course Karma had to bite me back in the butt this year; I originally had Mr. Epstein for AP Lit (the easier teacher), but since I dropped AP Spanish, I ironically ended up with Ms. Galace. I also ended up liking the class. (More irony!)
To be honest, I started out in the class struggling with writing (which is a nice chunk of my grade), freshly churned out from Ms. Boden & Pierce (the... "nicer" teachers). 100% essays in Boden's and Pierce's classes to 60% essays in Galace's, just like that. I seriously started with a C in her class; it has been a long, excruciating journey after that. After several weeks being exposed to her stabbing critiques, I managed to continuously receive 90%-100%'s (8/9's) on her essays (and less bleeding papers!!), which is entirely surprising for me, considering that a majority of my essays are slaved over at 4am in the morning they're due (I am NOT exaggerating, guys). (FYI, I am not trying to boast nor am I saying my writing is perfect; it is most definitely far from it. I hate my writing entirely; I can't seem to find "myself" in it.) Continuing on, this only goes to show how much Ms. Galace affected my writing development, which I am very much grateful for. In addition, being in her class made me get above 30's in the Reading and Writing sections in the ACT. Before, they were in the lower 20's, but jumping nearly 7-9 points is incredible, imo. It goes to show how much critical analyzing there is in her class.

"Okay so... the failure?"
AP Calculus. I just lost ALL interest in it. It has reached to the point where I even considered dropping it. I know I wouldn't, though. But this is entirely burdensome; I will end up with a B in the class. I calculated my grade with another dropped quiz and test, and it turns out I have to get exactly 100% on my final to bring it up to an 89.5% (A-). Wow, man.
Yeah, I lost all hope, if you couldn't tell.

You know, after reading the praise about Ms. Galace's class again, I kind of made it sound like an advertisement.
"Join her class and you'll get a better writing style and a more critical mind, GUARANTEED!"

P.S. NEVER write about "pop culture" in your english portfolio, kids. I got 3's (wth?) from BOTH graders the first time, and when I appealed it stating WHY it's there, I got 4's. Nothing peeves me more than beating a dead horse; looking up generic quotes is SO overrated, but I guess I have to play it safe. Or, I'll probably use my favorite quote, "Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity."
You have no idea how much I'm attached to that and how much that means to me. I'd go to Denmark just to see that billboard, hah.