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Promenading on the Fine Line

Thursday, November 25, 2010 @ 4:05 AM

"When you are here, I'm a rocketeer."

I think that one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that I have colleagues, teachers, college friends, and other adults who have my back and believe in me. Even in the hardest times, I KNOW that they are there, willing to pick me back up and support me all the way. With their expertise on life, I know I can fully trust them about making any decision. Thank you, thank you for inspiring me to move forward into the right direction and getting to know all of you on a personal level. I've always wanted to say that.

Along the way, I also have a ton of friends that I wholly appreciate their existence. They all spiced up my life in one way or another and cheered me up when I was being emo about why my pencil broke or something.
I love Anika and Christina most for sticking by my side throughout ALL of my high school years. From the beginning to the end, they have always been there for me, even through all the mental and physical abuse I put them through. Heck, if I met another clone of myself I'd ditch her sorry butt in a heartbeat.
But they're not like that. I'm so glad such wonderful girls as you guys exist in Vista; I honestly don't know where I would have ended up without you guys.
Thank you, thank you!