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Promenading on the Fine Line

Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 1:21 AM
The Beginning.

Hero, Mickey, Max, Xiah, & U-Know.

They surely have captured the hearts of Asia, but they will have to fight hard (and I mean REALLY HARD) to win the hearts of America.

Yahoo News: JYJ: The Biggest Boy Band In The World You've Never Heard Of

1. Their information is wrong and as a supportive fan, it angers me. Now the whole world (excluding Asia) has this wrong idea in their head that it was only Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu who created the Guinness title, being photographed 500 million times from professional photographers, and not to mention having the biggest fan club in the world. (Go Cassiopeia!)
It is NOT only them three, but it was also with the ex-members, Changmin and Yunho, who gained that title. It is ridiculously unfair how they are not receiving the recognition they deserve. It was NOT JYJ who had an impact on Asia, but DBSK/TVXQ, the group of FIVE members, NOT three.

1a. It's NOT Jung, it's Jaejoong. Get your facts straight, Yahoo! News.
[*Now they changed their mistake lols]

2. Yahoo just HAD to showcase the one of the "lesser" songs JYJ had on their newest album. I swear, this entire article is meant to be satirical or sarcastic or simply insulting! asdikjfwf. Instead, they should've put "Mirotic," "Wrong Number," by DBSK or at least "Empty" if it has to be from JYJ's "The Beginning" album. Now everyone thinks their vocals are unimpressive.

3. The racial comments SERIOUSLY They just want me to just go batship at all the ignorant people. There's TONS of comments saying "Girliest band ever" or "their music sucks" or "wannabes" or "lol they're SO gay!" which is probably the most repeated comment, or insult I might say.
Oh. my. gosh. COULD YOU PLEASE GET ANY MORE CLOSE MINDED THAN THIS? People have even wished death upon them!

This, this is the reason why I want Korean bands to stay in Asia, because America is simply not used to the idea of having feminine, Asian men in music, or anywhere in general. They are not used to the Asian style of things, thus giving a first bad impression on those who don't know anything about the Asian culture. Unfortunately, they do not live up to American standards, regardless of JYJ working with big producers such as Timbaland and Kanye West, simply because, well... they're ASIAN.
"Asian rappers?" one person questioned.
Once again, there are PLENTY of them EVERYWHERE, especially in Asia. Female Asian artists rap too, SURPRISE SURPRISE! That's like people asking, "black rappers? THEY EXIST?"
This is the reason why I'm so nervous about the Wonder Girls debuting here in the states, and most certainly BoA. BoA does indeed know how to speak English, but it has a thick accent that's covered up with autotuning. Probably like Mr. Lee. I don't know, I've never heard him speak to be honest. But accent aside, she is doing fairly well in America; at least I haven't heard "LOL SHE IS SO GAY" (is it possible for a female to look gay anyways?) or anything racially offending.

But trekking back to JYJ, yes, I don't want them in America, as much as I adore them and wish them success. They are going to be harshly criticized, and with the overflowing love and fandom from Asia, I don't know how they're going to react to the negative views already from Americans, based just on their images. If they're continuing to try to develop a scene in the states, they will most likely have to change their image, and that will further upset the Asian fans, seeing how they're changing just for America. Similar situation as BoA; she became more "provocative," if you will, (see the American version of "Eat You Up" opposed to the Korean version) as she prolonged her stay here; just to fit the American media. That's just not her style, and it's upsetting how the media can mutate her into this.

I truly do wish JYJ success, but it's such a burden knowing how they're getting so many negative reviews based on their image itself. I can't go out saying, "JYJ; they're friggen amazing! I love them!" without having people go "Oh, that girly, gay boy band who can't sing for shiz? Wtf are you thinking, you crazy girl; you have BAD taste!"

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