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Promenading on the Fine Line

Sunday, October 17, 2010 @ 10:22 PM


Rant #1
Every Sunday is like every other damn Sunday.
But do I do anything about it? NO.

Rant #2
I keep getting 8's on Galace's essays but my grade is still stuck at a 84%!!!!

Rant #3

Rant #4
I am willing to pay someone who can recode my blog html into blogger's template!
I REALLY want to have the forward/back options for my blog but it's so darn hard converting this blog layout, BLAH!

Resolution #1
I've decided that, between UC Davis and UC Irvine, UC Davis is the better school for me.
I'm so sorry Irvine, so so sorry. My dream, my dream...
UC Davis' outstanding school spirit and sport teams won me over.

However, this little ordeal can be extinguished if I get into UCB/UCLA/USC.
Please please please USC, please.
Being a part of the Trojan Family has always been a dream ever since I stepped foot on campus.
I felt this alluring connection; I know I may sound stupid since I haven't visited the other campuses but there's no room for any other school pride than USC.
Fight on!

On another note... I'm just gonna plug these videos, yeah.

Far East Movement - I Party.
GAHHhhh the MV is SO SICK. ♥♥♥ (shh, I know I'm super late)
Artistic and haunting. The song alone is good but combined with the music video's aspect, it's a deadly combo that left me captivated.
I'm a sucker for this kind of style ahahah.

P.S. I'm sick and tired of all the racist and Asian comments in FM's Holy heffer, are people ignorant or WHAT? "Asian hip-hop" isn't a new thing you guys. Look at Jay Park, geesh!

Ga In - Irreversible.
Korean music needs more of THIS. THIS THIS THIS.
The sole reason I love the Brown Eyed Girls. ♥ (Ga In is a member of BEG; she went solo for this MV)
Their MVs are more than just shaking booty and acting cute and shizz, BEG has some actual storyline in it. And not only that, their storylines run DEEP, yo.

(Click on the pictures if you're wondering what the link is.)

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