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Promenading on the Fine Line

Friday, October 20, 2017 @ 4:38 AM

You. are. supposed. to eat the rind of (most) cheeses. But brie especially.

I repeat.

you are supposed to eat the rind of brie.

AHH How did I NOT know?! A lover of cheese/prosciutto/pate, but not know?? I traveled to France for a month for goodness sake!

My mind is blown.


Thursday, October 19, 2017 @ 2:11 AM


I wandered into the dark side for a few minutes just to find an answer, and I'm, so, so afraid if I dig any deeper, I won't be able to get out.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I hope that in the long run, I am doing the right thing.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017 @ 12:29 AM
Here I go again;

There is this indescribable feeling that overwhelms me when I encounter particular kinds of artwork/illustrations. The closest thing I can describe this experience is the idea of lust and instinctual desire, but even I'm not sure myself it that's a worthy comparison. It is almost like a silent calling that pulls me in with its eye catching gaze and grabs every bit of my attention. Suddenly I am consumed, and want to consume madly. I begin to unravel the art with my eyes, dissecting every section to uncover every detail, desiring to understand its layers and architecture. I become obsessed with the how and want such beauty for myself, and I find myself relieving my desires with a sketch or two, just hoping and dreaming.

Ugh, the way certain artists make me feel. I'm OBSESSED.


Thursday, October 12, 2017 @ 11:36 PM
Break time!

Recently I've been retracing my steps back when I was in undergrad on the southeastern side of campus. For the past few weeks, I've been a test subject for Levi Lab under the Berkeley School of Optometry and it requires me to perform a few tests every day. The lab is located in Minor Hall, nearby the same area that I considered my home base with the sweetest & bitterest (not to be confused with bittersweet!) memories of the last half of my undergrad.

It's been nearly 4 years since I used my Cal ID to gain entry to Moffit Library. Freshman and sophomore year, I lived, breathed, and ate at Moffit, staying until closing (2am) and walking back home in the cold, frigid nights. Beginning junior year K would always let me into Wurster Hall and I would always study in the studio with him and his close friends. I also gained access to Kroeber's photography/computer lab so that was really nice (iMacs galore, and a plotter for who knows what). Half of the time I spent my nights at the MLK building, mainly studying for my STEM courses. Then senior year I acquired the key to Kroeber Hall since half my courses were art studios so I had access there as well, and I would still trudge along into Wurster occasionally in addition. Libraries weren't my usual study zones any longer, as I (believed) I found my niche and creative space elsewhere.

Walking by each time I head to the optometry school, it's a little saddening because although I felt entirely at home in those two buildings, I no longer can find a reason to occupy those spaces. But maybe, it's actually the people that made it home for me, and not the space.

So today I returned to Moffit. Upon entry, I unzipped the side pocket of my backpack and pulled out my beaten leather wallet; I slid out my school's ID card that showed the round, innocuous face of a freshman who found herself living the dream she always dreamed of, and so much more.

Today I returned to a full circle, beginning in a space where my intentions were to fulfill my parents' dreams. Today I begin the journey to countless nights studying cells and diseases, reactions and mechanisms, pharmacology and medicine. Eventually I'll find my way back to the art realm, one way or another. I'm not worried because naturally, I always find myself being integrated in it somehow without intentionally looking to be. Fate is truly a funny, yet beautiful phenomenon.


@ 3:44 PM

Me and my personal statement:

"Oh, I've struck inspiration! This is one of the better things I've written, THIS IS GREAT."

a few weeks later

"W t f is this crap?? This is so cringe worthy HOW DID I WRITE THIS??"

(that goes for the rest of my blog too, most definitely lul)


Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ 1:21 PM
Cheesy literature.

l o l


@ 12:11 AM

Captain Levi I FRIGGEN LYSM (despite your relatively shorter height and beady pupils)! Heal up soon pls so I can see your amazing skillset again *___*

He's definitely my heartthrob bias but I think my personal favorite is Armin by far because he's such an adorable, optimistic yet realist persuasive strategist that I could imagine myself being close friends with! Favorite female character would have to be Historia (what a pretty name) because she reminds me a lot of myself and I adore how her best friend is someone who's such a badass that wants nothing but the best for her and be by her side forever and I too want a badass friend who can kick some (titan) butt!

Annnnd honorable mention goes to Jean because I thought he was such an annoying prick in the beginning, but he has grown on me and I definitely had a change of heart--now I have mad respect for that man, kek.

Obviously, I finished watching the series today and I can't get over how amazing the series is. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 AHHHH