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Promenading on the Fine Line

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 @ 5:35 PM
Dear you,

I just want to take some time to thank a few starlings

R: From spending time with me to do puzzles and playing games with me and cracking sarcastic jokes towards each other to letting me try your food all the time, to staying outside with me for an hour at 11pm in the frigid night while I wash my car. From being there as my support while I had my appointment with the UCBSO admissions, to taking me to my first, intimate Warriors game at Pappy's. The sweetest part of all is how much you adore Jiji and spend time crafting things for him and creating projects revolving him. There's so much more I want to thank you for, but simply, thank you for bringing joy, curiosity, innovation, and excitement into my life.

G/L/B: You all are my stepping stones, you all made me believe that there is truly such a warm kindness that still exists. While we all come from different backgrounds, we still manage to find common interests and strive for the same goal. Thank you L for letting me stay over and studying at your place until the birds sing into the morning, G for taking me into your humble abode and keeping me motivated as the night grew dark and the day grew brighter, B for reminding me that genuinely sincere people still exist in this world--your kindness has touched me so deeply. Thank you L for sharing your family hxstory and confiding in us with your troubles; your resilience is astounding and I will always keep you in my thoughts. Thank you G for /just getting me/, for being so sweet and kind with your words and actions. Thank you B for letting me witness your growth into a stronger individual, no matter how little. Thank you all for being so supportive in my life and in my career; I look forward to seeing you all again ♥

and of course, J, for being my favorite manager and always remaining loyal, patient, and honest with me. Your love is still as vibrant as ever, even when I go disappear into hiding for a while. And even though I never asked you personally, you still went above and beyond to diligently help me with what I was so stressed about. You are such an amazing listener and always so level minded--thank you for always keeping me in check.

Sigh. How did I get so lucky with these individuals (:


Sunday, June 18, 2017 @ 4:54 PM
Don't call me;



Saturday, June 17, 2017 @ 9:04 PM

Eugh, the week I have off, I have fallen deathly ill... So much for a summer break :( Better now than during finals, right?



Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 8:04 AM

Okay useless Persona 5 vent that almost nobody will understand because nobody (I know) games as much as I do:

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Thursday, June 8, 2017 @ 7:22 AM


Can we sit down and discuss how amazing mothers are? Or more specifically, how amazing the female reproductive system is?

Can you imagine how much more energy it requires to raise another human in your own body? The female body gains an extra 2 litres of blood in her body; we normally have 5.5 litres on average!
She goes through so many physical changes--enlarged breasts, increased blood pressure, temperature, and intense hormonal changes! We can not also forget the flattening of the organs; the bladder is detrimentally much more flat (thus requiring women to pee more frequently as their bladder can not expand as much as normal), and the stomach and intestines are squished and pushed up towards the diaphragm.

Oh, and let's not also forget the pregnancy process. C-sections, the cutting of the vaginal opening to make a larger hole for the baby to come out easier, the night long labor contractions, immense pain, the epidural they might take that consists a large needle puncturing through the spine, the IV's that they may possibly be hooked up to. The strength that truly radiates from being a strong mother.

And the work doesn't even stop there--we can't forget the importance of regular breastfeeding!

Boys, appreciate the momma you got and the fine lady you're planning to start a fam with. Cherish their amazing ability and selfless act of raising a child and never put a blame on their hormonal changes. They are there for your damn sperm to make a cozy home in our uterus. You boys have possibly the easiest job in the world that we live in: ejaculation, which cannot even come close (hahah #IMMATUR) to the magic that is pregnancy & childbirth. So y'all better treat your ladies right when they're carrying your child!

"The most dramatic physiological changes in pregnancy occur in the cardiovascular system. Total body water rises, and blood volume may increase as much as 40% by the 32nd week to accommodate the additional needs of the fetus. The rise in blood volume also safeguards against blood loss during birth. Mean blood pressure typically decreases during mid-pregnancy, but then rises to normal levels during the third trimester. Cardiac output increases by 35–40% at various stages of pregnancy. This helps propel the greater circulatory volume around the body. The uterus presses on the pelvic blood vessels, which may impair venous return from the lower limbs, resulting in varicose veins and leg edema."



Sunday, June 4, 2017 @ 11:23 PM

I bet you were that sperm that chilled on the side nearby the egg as the thousands of the other sperm work hard to break down the zona pellucida layer of the secondary oocyte, waiting for your chance to steal their thunder, and swooped right in as soon as you saw an opening created by them.
I know because you don't like to follow the norm. Because you don't like being in crowds (I guess that worked in your favor). Because you are extremely clever and highly determined and like to carve your own path, as unconventional you may be.



@ 5:32 AM
School's almost done!

-after talking about the benefits of staying up late until the morning-

Me: ...One day I will have to witness the sunrise myself.
You: Yosemite sunrise. Most beautiful thing I've witnessed... Second to a pound of shrimp.
Me: -very tempted to say 'with me being the first, I know'- You'll be seeing that beauty soon; good thing we're getting Boiling Crab after finals!

It's 5:30am, idk. Thank you dearly for keeping me company all night (and morning) long (: